Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Heartsong Pets--and Learning from the Animals

Stopping by to say hi to my friends who are not on the other medias I play with!  Click over to the Heartsong page for links to pieces I have been writing about learning from the animals.  Blessings!


Growing into the design God intends for us takes a lifetime.  Along the way, God uses many tools to shape us.  Animals are a primary tool He has used in the lives of our entire family.  Believing in the power of pets to touch lives, we are working to develop an Animal Therapy Ministry that visits residential and educational facilities.  We also will be breeding Holland Lop bunnies and English Bulldogs for pet homes.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Some readings you may enjoy

Hi, my friends.  Here are a few of the pieces I've enjoyed sharing in the past few weeks.  Hope you enjoy one or more of them.  The first two are for younger ones...but I love to learn simply, so big folks may enjoy them too :).

“Abba” is like saying, “Daddy.”  Praying is just talking with Daddy-God.  I like to use the word PRAY to remind me what I want to say.      

Are you ever afraid of the dark? (Learning from the Fireflies :))

Knowing who you are....

Our identity as children of God is integral to living a victorious life.  Identity is a front-line attack from the enemy.  It is what he used on Jesus (“if thou be the Son of God”), and it is a technique he uses on us.  If we doubt our security—and authority—in Christ, the enemy can cripple us.  Scripture has firmly settled the issue.  Paul states it clearly in Romans 8:15:

...and this is one of my favorites that reminds us to trust that God is transforming all!

God continually creates fine linen from filthy rags.  Isaiah 64:6 reminds us that our very best good works serve to clothe us in filthy rags.  Yet, inRevelation 19:8, we see the Church (that is all of us who believe in Jesus Christ) wearing fine white linen for our wedding day!  That is an incredible makeover.  The recipe for earthly-world linen requires that great bleaching agent, baking soda.  The spiritual world cleansing is nothing but the blood of Jesus Christ.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Praying, Knowing Your Worth and Loving the Law

Hi, friends.  I hope you are having a wonderful week!  Here are a couple pieces I thought you might enjoy.  But first, the links to the children's devotions.  Ask your Daddy (a piece on prayer) and God Can Use You (knowing your worth.  The intros for the grown-up devos are below.
Rejection hurts. We want to be a chosen one. 
Do you remember gym classes with team captains who chose members?  If you were not athletic, it was a time of humiliation and rejection.  Then, adulthood delivers more opportunities for rejection: looking for a job, losing a job, finding a mate, enduring a divorce, raising teen-agers.  Rejection stains every life, producing ugly fruit: shame, more rejection, fear and a burning desire to control others—so you can avoid more rejection.  MORE...

Blue Star
Have you read Leviticus lately?  Most would have to say, “No.”  Many would say, “I don’t need to; I don’t live under law. I live under grace.”  I say, “You don’t know what you are missing!  There is great joy to be found in those pages.  The light shines from the Law.”
 Leviticus 5:1-5 offers an eye-opening look at the desperate need for grace.  When is the last time you heard that hearing or seeing another sin brings that sin onto you?  Or when did you last consider that touching sin defiles?  Later in the chapter, we read that “not knowing it is sin” does not cancel our responsibility for sin.  The reality of life is this: we cannot spend one hour in public without hearing, seeing or touching something sin-soaked. MORE...